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Olympic Barbell Bar 7 feet Weight Bar

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IMPRESSIVE VERSATILITY - Regardless of the type of lifter you are, our versatile barbell offers just the right knurl, whip, spin, and sleeve rotation for both powerlifting and CrossFit sets.

UNMATCHED DURABILITY - Made of cold-rolled solid No. 45 steel, you can count on this powerlifting bar not to collapse under heavy loads. Its chrome finish will protect it for years to come.

MADE FOR HEAVY LIFTING - This Olympic barbell bar can hold up to 750 lbs of weight at a time, which is already more than what most lifters will ever need. It also has a tensile strength of 170,000 PSI.

STRONG & SECURE GRIP - While it doesn't have center knurling, our bar includes 1.2mm medium-depth Olympic and powerlifting knurl rings which allow for a strong grip without hurting your hands.

JUST THE RIGHT SIZE & LENGTH - Measuring 7.2ft long with a diameter of 28mm and weighing 45lbs, this weights bar is the standard size for Olympic barbells. Perfect for a wide range of workouts.

  • Overall length: 86inch / 2.2m
  • Sleeve length: 16.4inch
  • Shaft diameter is 28mm
  • Tensile strength is 170k PSI
  • 750lb weight capacity 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
seems to weigh 45 lbs, very study, exactly like you'd find in a professional gym.

Never bought my own barbell but used plenty in different gyms. This feels like an incredibly high quality barbell. I didnt weigh it personally but it feels about 45 lbs. Definitely heavy duty and great build quality. It says 750 lb max but to be honest I am not strong enough yet to verify haha. Perhaps soon and I'll keep you updated. So far holding 200-300 just fine.

Iron Crush!

Just in. Perfectly packaged, no scratches, dings nothing. I’m really excited to incorporate this bar to my home gym. Overall I’d say a hybrid comfort, Very sturdy, and elegant looking finish. I really like it.

Claire lee
Great quality

First time writing a review that what I just purchased. Great packaging , great quality . At first , I’m kind of skeptical which brand should I buy. After. I read so many good reviews about these products and I decided to buy Ironcrush Olympic 7ft weight bar and bumper plates together. I’m glad that I choose this brand and shipped fast too. I’m very satisfied with this products and would recommend it.

Sequita Morris
I’m so glad that I bought this!

It has been a wonderful addition to my home gym! The convenience, the grip, the appropriate rotation. I am so glad that I bought it after looking for so long. Now I just have to wait for the weight fairy to come along so that I can afford some weights to put on it. But even without them, I have used it for dead lifts, squats, and shoulder presses. I can only see that getting better once I save up my pennies for weights to place on it.

Danny Osorio
Great Value

Great bar for the price. Better than some that are double the price. Packaged well and shipped fast! Highly recommended.