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Olympic Barbell Bar 6 feet Weight Bar

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  • A BAR THAT DOES IT ALL - A versatile piece of equipment, this Olympic barbell can be used for powerlifting and intense workouts. Its 500lb weight capacity is ideal for home training.
  • CLEAN & JERKS - Needle bearing sleeves enhanced by bushing encourages the smooth rotation of your weights. Thus, reducing the likelihood of injuries and strain on your body.
  • A SECURE GRIP - Medium knurling runs through certain sections of this bar. It provides just the right amount of grip that won't hurt your hands. It's perfect for beginners!
  • DURABILITY YOU CAN TRUST - Lift weights without worrying about your bar snapping or warping with our Olympic barbell. Made of tough Q235 steel, it'll withstand heavy loads.
  • FOR HOME LIFTING - Designed for the average lifter, this Olympic bar offers just the right amount of whip and spin. It's easy to lift, but still challenging with the right weights.


Overall length: 70.86"

Sleeve length: 12.4"

Shaft diameter is 28mm

Tensile strength is 170k PSI